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Card points and Pok Deng rules

Before beginning a game, the players should choose the dealer. They can nominate the dealer to remain for the rest of the game or they can agree to switch as the game progresses. The first step of playing Pok Deng is by placing the bets. If you plan to gamble real money, make sure to do it discreetly or better yet avoid it all cost since gambling is strictly illegal in Thailand. Some Thai locals use candies, chips, or drinks as their bets. Pok Deng supports two to seventeen players, including the dealer, but is recommended for three to nine players.

pok deng

If nobody at the table wants to be a dealer, the system will select 1 random player. The Pok Deng card game uses a 52-card Western deck, which is dealt 2 cards to each player. Players will combine these 2 cards with (or not) with 1 extra draw card to form the hand with the highest score.

  • The UI is massive and overbearing at times, but it provides clear and valuable info.
  • As they are considered good and the player cannot draw more cards.
  • Some Thai locals use candies, chips, or drinks as their bets.

Importantly, only the last digit of any point total counts as the hand value. For example, if a hand is showing 7 and 5 for a total of 12, the hand value counts as 2. Player Pair wins if the hand of the corresponding Player is a pair.

Yet, the ideal number of players is between 3 to 9 only. This game is short and fast that will last only a couple of seconds. Players 1 to 5 compare their hands to Banker’s separately. The hand with the higher points value of the cards is the winner.

A Player who loses to a Dealer’s hand with a deng of 3 must pay 3 times their initial bet. Players that choose to hit and be dealt an additional card will then reveal their cards, as well as the Dealer. During this comparison, the Dealer is allowed to draw an additional card, after comparing their hand to the other Players. Namely, the objective of the game is to compare 2-card hands and cards are valued in a similar way. It’s still a speciality game, though, currently unique in the live casino business.

Each game of Pok Deng has its own surprises that make players unable to take their eyes off. Now that you have an idea how to play Pok Deng, invite some of your friends over to have a go at Thailand’s popular card game. Pok Deng is played with eight standard decks of 52 cards. Each new shoe is shuffled and a few cards are burned, which is standard practice in most card-based games.

Just register an account on W88 and play, you will very quickly understand the rules of the game as well as tips to win. Meeting up with friends for a few beers is always great, but sometimes the conversation can run dry. A unique three of a kind which are all face-cards (Kings, Queens, Jacks). Sam Lueang has a Taem of 0, but it beats normal hands that do not form a meld even if they have a high Taem. Pok Deng is a Thai gambling card game in the comparing genre such as Mahjong or Poker, popular in its country of origin.

These factors include The meld type, the Taem, and the Deng. Players of Pok Deng often introduce additional rules to spice up the game. Last but not least, the house edge in Pok Deng is reasonably small (except for the Pair bets.) At the very least, that means you won’t regret trying it. We certainly haven’t – SA Gaming Pok Denk Live is one of the more interesting new releases in 2022. Moreover, you can find the results of the previous 20 rounds or so on the bottom left.

Pok Deng card game with simple rules, easy to understand gameplay, you will not regret choosing this product at W88 Casino. Please re-read the above sharing article to understand how to play and experience playing Pok Deng. Good luck with how to play Pok Deng card game online on W88.